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1st January 2010

Its a plant!!

Yvonne and I have been giggling in our office in Peyia today, because we’re working really hard to try to secure a contract with a very large sales organisation and Tony is convinced that everyone who walks through the door, is a mystery shopper!

Please don’t get me wrong: Tony could be right: and I’m certain if I were the large organisation, I’d mystery shop us too!

Thankfully, we TRY to be polite, helpful, efficient and courteous at all times -except when we’re all trying to eat at the same time and no-one wants to answer the phone!

Or when we’re each in the middle of very complicated emails and want the other to answer the calls….

Or when one of our “more challenging” tenants calls in to complain about the universe – again………….

We’re a people business and its important to maintain standards: eg you’ll never catch me without my lipstick on! (which makes Tony laugh) and you’ll never catch Yvonne giving away anything that she knows has huge value and should be paid for……….seriously, we do try hard.

If we are being mystery shopped, I’d hope they’d report that we tried hard to listen well and answer any questions asked. We don’t know everything but do ofter know “a man who can help”, if we aren’t able to ourselves.

Don’t really know what I’m worrying about coz we’re very busy, very effective and very happy to be welcoming so many holiday clients to villas in Coral Bay and Peyia – its just that we REALLY want to work hard for this sales company too – not least because we know we can look after their customers well and we’d love to rent out the gorgeous properties they have bought!

Total win/win situation!

As to plants, best I go and water ’em!

(am I being watched?!!)…………..

Category: Cyprus Villas News