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1st January 2010

Its a girl thing…………

Charlotte Emily Tallulah Bucket and John, her dad, went home late last night. It was so awful to see them go, knowing we probably wont see Charlotte or her crazy parents until at least next summer. Lottie was very tearful – but looked wonderful! She is sunkissed, hair streaked with natural blond and has legs to kill for! (On the end of said legs were the strangest training shoes with wheels on the bottom but thats another story……).

Anyway, having helped me for days with the guests in the villas in Coral Bay and villas in Peyia, Charlotte has worn many changes of clothes: her wardrobe seemed endless but, in the way only a girl can do, she’d saved the best for last , for “travelling home”…….

Waiting for her to come downstairs, I had to laugh when she appeared in a very pretty denim skirt edged in bling ; aforementioned wheeled training shoe thingies – and a Tshirt, sparkly, which said , “Girls are SO much better than boys” (or something equally chauvinistic!). I feel sorry for the boys when she grows up: at 7, she’s got things all sussed.

Of course, it comes as no surprise to those of us who know and love her: over breakfast yesterday, sat on our thinking step in our home in Peyia, Charlotte was telling me that she hadn’t been up the stairs to her dads bedroom that night (she’s been sleeping in with him , whether he wants it or not) but that she had gone up from her (ensuite) bedroom to her dads (ensuite) bedroom so use his toilet! I asked why, adding she had one in her room and she replied, “I don’t like the noise toilets make when they are flushed, so I left the noise with Dad so I could get back to sleep.”…………

What do you say to that?

Category: Cyprus Villas News