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16th March 2018

The Itchy Bum Dance!

Our beautiful little furry daughter, Molly Mou, now 17 and very doddery, has been in the wars recently.

In fact, last Wednesday, I honestly thought we were losing her as we hurried her to the vets in Peyia, where Annie and Nikolas loving cared for her and helped her , and we, feel so very much better.

Seems we really are in the ”Christmas time” of her earth life and my heart is broken to pieces BUT I have to remember to show the sort of strength, determination and humour that this gorgeous little doggy has always shown to us.

Part of her health condition now, includes problems with her bowels. I won’t go into detail but as well as have to ”excavate” her regularly, we have to be careful to get out of the way when she squats down, back legs in the air either side of her tiny body and she begins to whizz around the house, trying to ”scratch” a deep itch which is obviously driving her crazy!

The speed at which she shimmies, is impressive and the noises she makes as she concentrates on direction and force, hilarious but it’s not too good when you have a houseful of guests, which we always do.

Anyway, it’s Molly’s house and we pray it remains her protected/safe place for as long as her earthly life allows it, then she’ll join some of her furry brothers and sisters, in the pretty shrubs in our garden while her spirit continues to do the Itchy Bum Dance around the kitchen!

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