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1st January 2010

IT? whats that then?

Oh, I’ve just had a good laugh. I have to preface this by saying that I’m not a computer expert – in fact, I don’t like them (sorry machine) but they are a necessary evil….

As a huge amount of my work depends on the emails and the systems, this isn’t good. Luckily, I have the lovely Lee , in the UK, who keeps our sites and we, right

or does he?

Tony has been accessing our emails in America, at very strange times. Sadly, as he’s accessed them, they’ve then been deleted from the server so we’ve lost a bit of info. As soon as we found out, we changed the password at the Cyprus end and stopped Tonys access. Now he’s back, Lee has changed everything back – and he emailed to tell us – but we cannot get the email from him with the instruction on it because we have no email access because we’ve changed the password back………….but we didn’t know we couldnt until Lee did a very old fashioned thing: he RANG us , laughing , to tell us he’d emailed us with instructions we couldn’t get until we read the email we couldn’t get to learn how to get the email!

Confused? I need a lie down.

I’m not PC but I’m out of here ASAP!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News