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1st January 2010

It never rains but it pours…………

Oh deary me: what a crazy week I’ve had in terms of trying to be efficient and look smart; firstly, I spill things down my cyprusvillas shirt, then I pick up a puppy who has fleas (and shares them with me!) – then this morning, I trundle through the very heavy rain to go to view a new apartment, park my car at the roadside coz the entrance to the apartments isn’t ready for a car to pass over it yet, ring the man to ask him to direct me to his apartment – and he duly stands on his (very high) balcony and waves at me, watching me walk gingerly through the puddles, up the ramp, towards the worst of the builders mud – and fall!

So, I’m in his apartment, talking rental business in bare feet coz one shoe is totally submerged in mud and am sweating like mad coz I’m so embarrassed to have looked so very stupid as I arrived!………..he called it me “making an entrance”. I called it me “making a complete idiot of myself ” (but in more colourful words!

Rain stopped quickly, as it does and the sun came up to reveal the most beautiful view from this gorgeous new holiday apartment in Peyia. I don’t know: we’ve tried for 2 years to find fantastic apartments to rent to customers who love Coral Bay and Peyia – and this last week, we’ve found 6!

They are totally lovely and excellent value for money. The mud spa at this particular one will be removed by the time the holidays begin and the mess will be forgotten.

Except by me: who will never be able to go there again without feeling the burn of shame from being my mothers daughter and falling over my shadow – especially if there is something smelly and wet to fall in to!