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1st January 2010

It doesnt rain but its cloudy!

What a cloudy week! One particularly nasty cloud has been hanging over our home on the hill for 7 days now. Its been threatening rain but hasn’t let it go yet. As I drive up the hill from Coral Bay to Peyia, our hill is covered in dark grey clouds – which seems strange as its so very hot!

We need a good old thunder storm! Don’t normally have weather like this in June. Everyone is commenting on it, especially the holidaymakers whose tans are still fab but they (understandably), like to see the sun!

Personally, I love the clouds. It feels great looking at a moody sky. We have wall to wall sunshine for months (I know, we’re very lucky) so having a little something different is wonderful – but don’t tell anyone I said this will you!

The dogs love the clouds. Jake particularly likes to sit on the edge of the patio with his “B” (ie whats left of his beloved football) and watch the world go by. Thats when he’s not sitting on the Thinking Step with me of course!

Lets see what kicks off with the weather tomorrow! We need SUN! People have paid for it!

Category: Cyprus Villas News