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1st January 2010

Issues and ‘is shoes!

The owner of one of the loveliest villas in Peyia, Jenny from Stavroulla villa, drew my attention to something today – and she is absolutely right! In the “about us” section on our website, there are photos of the “animal family” but those photos don’t yet include Jake. Jenny, who has met Jake, advises that he may develop “issues” about being excluded: so we’d better put this right fairly soon.

Problem we’ll have is that Jake doesn’t really sit still long enough to be photographed. He is either chasing Charly cat around the pool; play fighting with Alfie or trying to flirt with Molly and Tiff!. When he’s bored with the animals, he gathers my teddy bears and takes them for a swim in the pool – plus has developed a recent liking for clothes in the washing basket!

We do have some lovely snaps of him: one shows him standing at full 5ft height, staring over the balcony at the village of Peyia below him. Another shows him having a “makeover” from his pal James of Buddys Dog Wash – but he is covered in suds so it doesn’t do him justice!

On Thursday, I’m taking the morning off from attending to the guests in the villas in Coral Bay and Peyia, to spend time with the dogs and take them each to have a hair cut, shampoo, doggy massage and bit of pampering! I think I’ll take my camera and see just what shots I can get………

That said, the most appropriate picture , showing Jakes true nature, would be one in which he has one of Tonys shoes in his mouth:getting particular pleasure from sweaty training shoes, Jake has quite a collection of one of each of Tonys pairs of these in his doggy toy box. Suppose I could always coax him to pose by promising another shoe? Worth a try!

Instead of “cheese”, I’ll just hold up the shoes and say, “These?”……

Category: Cyprus Villas News