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13th February 2015

Is there anybody out there?

Woke up today to the news that the huge scientific agency (Sita? I think) in the USA has decided to start beaming messages out to aliens rather than just listening out for them ie invite them to talk to us!

All very interesting: I asked Tony is he’d like to send a message to the aliens and the response was an affirmative, “No. I don’t want to talk to your mother this weekend, so if you ring her, don’t put me on the phone!”

Hmm. Molly is ready to ‘pick up’ any signals which may be going around – just look at her ears below! I’m ready to talk to human holiday makers, so if you are ‘out there’ and want to come to have a wonderful holiday in a value for money rental villa with private pool, just email to Emma or I on and listen closely to what you want then transmit our best deal to you!

Actually, if you are an alien ‘out there’ and are picking up this blog, we’re happy to help you too! Payment for our villas will be in your planets precious stones and best gin!

photo molly ears