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1st January 2010

Is there anybody out there? Smile if you are…..

Well, its all sorted now. Who needs NASA or tourist space ships or the like: last night, The Great Raymondodoulou and Susie F were quietly relaxing by their palace in Coral Bay with their early evening bucket of Gin when, BAM, a “thingey” flew across the sky, veared right then fell into the field, setting off many coloured lights – then it was gone…..

Strangely, having waited many months for their installation, today TGRs new teeth had ALSO vanished! And to think he had such a lovely , expensive smile only hours before this “incident”….

Methinks the two are linked and the aliens are ONLY coming to steal new, white and bright dentures. Not for them the yellowing, tired crunchers most of us possess – they want quality and quantity: and those newly acquired by The Great Raymondodoulou really were the ticket!

Sad though we are that TGR will have to wait again for his molars to be replaced, we’re also happy that, whoever these greedy beings are, they have the perfect “tools” through which to smile on us on earth……………..come on, say “Quantum Physics” while I take a photo…..

Category: Cyprus Villas News