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24th July 2015

Is there anybody out there?

In a week where the NASA space agency have found a planet which seems capable of sustaining life and where plants , as we know them , could grow, my Mum has, at the tender age of 70 plus, got an Ipad and installed broadband!

In theory both revelations are great and interesting but in reality, there is more chance of meeting alien life than Mum learning how to use her new piece of technology properly!

We’ve spent the past few days, trying to Skype: Mum isn’t able to find the video link but thinks I should, “Stand still darling”, while she talks to me through her faceless cartoon piccie! Apparently, she cannot tell her ASUS from her Skype link – which is very scary at the best of times! Then, to add to this, she has set her kitchen on fire but took such a liking to the two ‘lovely young men’  who attended, that I’m scared she is holding them hostage somewhere in her apartment! If so, I hope the video link on my mums ASUS never works! Its too scary to think about!

Anyway, tonight, Molly mou helped by ‘transmitting’ her love to her granny person through her very special doggy ears: so the signal was great but only on our side!

Still, we cannot all be technologically minded! Though if you are and if you want to drop me an email to ask about last minute villa deals in the sunshine, I’ll pick up your words clearly on

Nanoo nanoo – and hello new planet! I hope your asos’ work better than my earth mums!

photo molly ears