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1st January 2010

Is it only day 2?……

The Welsh are here! Not all of them, obviously though it feels like it.
The gorgeous Michelle was the first to alight from the hire car, looking beautiful, fresh and full of mischief. Her equally mischievous family followed – and kept coming – with a very slim and handsome Ade, bringing up the rear……and its gone downhill from there!
Firstly, there were one too many people for beds- but thats sorted. Then, there aren’t any mirrors for the (very) gorgeous girls and M to dry their hair – but its sorted. Then, aforementioned M realised she’d forgotten her bikinis! So she went shopping and bought the remaining end of season supply of miniscule thing thongs and totally outrageously padded bra tops – none of which fit and all of which belong to another set – and person. Still, there was always lunch – which set off the fire alarm and we all went running……….

Only 19 more days to go: 19 more restless sleeps and 456 hours to go till they leave – anything could happen!
Thing is, its SOOOOOOOOOO very lovely having this crazy family around , I don’t want the days to fly by – though I’m sure they wont if we measure them on a “per disaster” basis!!
Watch this space!

Category: Cyprus Villas News