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7th October 2012

Is it me?

Okay, so I’m reading THE book for the middle aged women who want a thrill………….and it just isn’t doing anything for me!

Please don’t get me wrong: its well written, very funny (I mean, which man actually BUYS underwear for his lady and knows the size?!) and its quite racey but………….give me a nice cup of tea, great movie and erm, early night……..

Am thinking of putting my blog skills(?) to the test and writing a book about real life partnerships and ‘funny stuff’

I love the ‘contract’ idea – but, celebrating 25 years of marriage soon, I think it should contain more practical stuff eg you will put out the rubbish and find the laundry basket (for the man) and in return, I will cook, iron your shirts properly and be nice to your mother ……. and between holiday arrival guests to villas in Coral Bay and peyia, we WILL be nice to each to each other!…..##

Come on! Do we REALLY want to be tied up physically when we are beaten up mentally, albeit not intentionally though we’re female and have to multi task consistently – and challenged daily by our spouses?………..I think it might be me

Course, if my wonderful husband said, ‘go on, you be in charge; tie me up and do what you wish’….I would – then I’d go to Susie F place and demolish her GnT!

Yes, it may be me………….!