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1st January 2010

Is it a male thing?

Jake is “in a one today”. I’ve tried to cuddle and talk to him and he’s just giving me the “talk to the paw” look. He is grumpy, giving us dirty looks and walking away whenever we try to stroke him or cuddle him.

Cannot think why. Last night he stole a bottle of coca cola to have with the vodka he’d stolen the night before (I made the last bit up but he did steal the coke!). We got it off him and gave him one of the shoes he loves to chew and he’d seemed happy. He’s had a lie in today. He doesn’t go to doggy charm school on a Sat or Sunday, so hasn’t had to be up early and rush around. He’s had his favourite breakfast, chased the stray cat and football is on the TV and is VERY LOUD as he and the rest of the males in the family seem to enjoy…….

Soooo……….the only thing I can think is, he knows we are having a party tonight at home. He knows we’ve got gorgeous stuff to eat and that he won’t get any of it. He also knows he’ll put be in his run so he isn’t naughty ie stealing the guests drinks or bags/food. So he must be psychic – or just plain old male grumpy?

I’ll let you decide!

Category: Cyprus Villas News