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8th March 2020

International Womens Day!

What a beautiful day it is here in Peyia, Cyprus! There are celebrations going in the local tavernas and restaurants, for the occasion of International Womens Day – and so there should be!

Many wives & girlfriends will be enjoying great food and entertainment – and, with luck, the attention of their beloved during the meal. For others, Sunday is a day at home, in the garden, the kitchen or, if they are feeling like it, in the bedroom!

For some, it’s a day of reflection, perhaps missing loved ones whose influence and company is dearly missed. From mothers to sisters, to daughters to friends, losing the chance to be able to talk to a lady who has influenced, loved and guided you, is heartbreaking, every day of the year.

There will be women struggling to feed their children; those trying to care for the elderly and many, coping with their own challenges, whether health or happiness, loneliness or frustrations. For each of those, the day doesn’t matter but thinking about them and supporting them, matters hugely.

I’m reminded today of my Nanna, whose been influencing us from the heavens for over 2 decades now but who still , ”talks in my ear” and helps me on the tough days. I think too of her mum, Great Granny Bruce, who was, if the stories are true, quite a formidable woman! Despite caring for 9 children, surviving the two world wars and her husband’s , well shall we say, less than honest ways!, she was magnificent and ”loved out loud” in the truest sense of the word.

We are lucky in our family: we’re from strong women and still have strong women walking in our ranks. My beautiful sister Maxine, who took her angel wings only in December, has gifted us with the strongest daughter who is a Mum in her own right and who is teaching and loving and growing her young daughter, without hesitation and despite a broken heart. My baby sister , a Mum of two and Granny to one , (so far!), is also a fulltime worker, carer for our Mum and her wicked stepmother, to say nothing of her extended family…

Ordinary people, who show extraordinary effort and strength in everyday life. We’ve all got our stories.

There is something precious about the essence of woman, in the sense of the deep, inbuilt instinctive way to love, nuture and strive, whatever the shape those efforts take. From family to friendships, colleagues to strangers, we each owe the woman walking near us, respect, care and support – and the ”knowing” that there are inner battles being fought but mountains still to climb – and I don’t mean ironing mountains!

I loved this quote: “”Here’s to strong women : May we know them ; may we be them; may we raise them”.

Have a lovely day , ladies!

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