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1st January 2010

International Womens Day

Today, really is International Womens Day. Here, in the Peyia municipality, many of the restaurants host special evenings for ladies only – and many of the men stay well clear due to the noise level and imminent threat to their person if they dare to encroach on a female celebration!

In Cyprus, men actually do celebrate the day seriously, buying their wives a piece of jewellery – normally to gain browny points so they can play out later! Cynical, moi?! I think the day is a bit like Mothers Day in UK: only all women are feted and celebrated, which is rather nice for those of us who aren’t fortunate enough to have become mothers.

Anyway, because of the occasion, I felt I could tell my (very bad) man joke and be forgiven for it – possibly, so here goes:

“Why was the man unhappy?”, asked one woman of another

“Who cares”, came the reply…………….

Not nice but a tiny, weeny bit funny if told properly and writing it isn’t the proper way!

I love being a woman. Course, there isn’t much choice, realistically! I love the duties/housework/caring/ironing/cleaning/working/supporting/being subservient (stop laughing those readers who know me well)/ helping/taking a back seat etc

And I need new ear rings……….

To all of those ladies, girls, women, females, mothers, grannies, daughters, sisters, friends and not yet knowns, Happy Womens Day! More power to us!

Category: Cyprus Villas News