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1st January 2010

International Lily May day!

12th November is now officially “International Lily May Day” here in Coral Bay, Cyprus! Certainly for us, anyway.

Monday, 12th November, 2008 saw the birth of our great niece, Lily Mae, born to our niece , Jessica, (who is my middle sisters daughter, for those of you who like the family history!).

Lily Mae weighed in at 6 pounds, 4 ounces and is an elegant 51cms long with perfect “everything”, according to her doting granny!

The 12th was also the day that I collected a new villa sign for our friend, Charly, whose villa is to be called “Lily-May” after his great niece! So it seems very appropriate to have a day just for these girls and all who know and love them! How will we celebrate it? Well, if Monday /Tuesday (and probably today), are anything to go by, we’ll SHOP! For Lily Mae/May of course!

Mum, who lives here, (and found us despite Tony telling her we’d moved to Rhodes, not Cyprus), is desperately trying to get a flight to UK to go to “goo” over her great grandchild. I’m very tempted to go with her but we’ve villas full of holidaymakers in Coral Bay and Peyia, so I’m pushing my luck a bit trying to get time out. Especially on the back of the shopping spree I undertook, worthy of “great aunties ” worldwide!

Tony, Great Uncle Tony!, and I, Great Aunty Lynn, are now to be known as “GUT” and “GAL”!. I’m thrilled, Tony has gone out and not commented!……

Yes, the 12th was certainly glorious for us here in Coral Bay, Cyprus!

Here’s wishing Lily Mae the best the world can offer: a life full of love, family, great friends, good health – and many, many returns to Gut and Gal in Cyprus!

Don’t you just LOVE babies!?

Category: Cyprus Villas News