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20th March 2015

International Day of Happiness! Book your Cyprus holiday villa!

Its International Day of Happiness and that’s OFFICIAL! A day to celebrate all of your blessings and be happy to simply be alive. “Thoughts are living things” so ‘think happy’ and be happy! Simple! (go on, try harder!).

If you want to be REALLY happy, send us an email to see which of our happy holiday villas are available for your holiday dates this year. What about the gorgeous, sunshine filled Karens Sunshine villa, only minutes walk to the beach and restaurants? Or the beautiful new Villa Isobel in Peyia? The views of the sea from here will make you VERY happy!

Email to us on and we’ll send you prices which will make you smile , then make booking easy and will look forward to helping you have more holiday to write home about this year!

Barney is happy! I’ve just spent 20 minutes tickling his not inconsiderable tummy! Have a lovely day!

photo happiness