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8th September 2013

Insured? You should be…..

Mike and the ‘terrorists’ were due to fly home tonight but unfortunately for them, both Tom and Mike have woken up with severe ear infections so I’ve had to take them to the docs.

Sadly, each of them need a few day rest and must ‘take the tablets’ before they are allowed to fly – so they will be staying with us till at least Monday/Tuesday.

Thankfully, Mike has insurance cover and the excellent company who have him insured, Global Response, have been brilliant so far and are helping us with all aspects of the claim.

At least they’ve not got to worry about where to stay/who will feed them etc, as they are staying with us – but I must make a note to look into insurance cover for us as ‘home holiday hosts’ as this isn’t the first time family have come and stayed on over their allotted time….wonder if there is a company out there who will cover for us for additional expense, stress and complete lack of humour?………am thinking policy could be called “HaHa Holiday Extention Plan”…