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1st January 2010

Insured? You should be!!

One of our villas guests in Peyia asked me recently about our family. Oh dear; this is always the slippery slope! Let me give you some examples:

1 My mum is beautiful, looks like Elizabeth Taylor and shares the ladys passion for champagne, diamonds and parties. My step father is a very quiet man who likes peace. Timebomb number one!

2 My sister in law stalks famous chefs (well, one) and recently not only asked to hold his hand but also to kiss him! (No, not his implements – well, at least I don’t think so!).

3 My baby sister is a blood clot but, before taking the red stuff, she has a checklist about holidays in Cyprus she makes the donors complete…..

4 My middle (very gorgeous looking) sister, is a granny – but still looks gorgeous, even in a bin liner.

5 Tonys brother is blond. Tony is dark. Tonys brother loves burgers, Tony does not. Tonys brother is very funny. Tony is out.(*)!

6 My father and his new wife (of only 42 years, it will never last, according to my dearly departed Granny), are completely bonkers and go camping in a two man tent in Northumberland.

7 Our friends have names like Armani and Twosheds and Chewing Wasps…..

8 I have uncles who are younger than me

9 I taught Molly dog to irish dance and to sing a great song which my Nanna taught me

10 Tony is still out……* but is totally wonderful, generous and handsome AND funny! (see below)

and finally, (actually not really but you seriously don’t have enough time!), we stay up till past midnight getting excited about answering holiday enquiries – and last night, Tony got out of bed to answer a call, naked! He sat at the computer sending this unsuspecting lady details of the, erm, villa and what was included…..If only she’d known, she not only would have booked, she’d have been on the next flight out!

So, as you see, you’re in safe hands holidaying with us,…well, apart from……