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1st July 2019


Tony and I have recently returned from holiday and , as it is, it’s hard to get back into the swing of things!

No matter how much a person loves their work – and I really do love my job – it’s hard to motivate oneself out of the ”relax and chill” factor which comes along with a holiday. But, motivate I’ve had to do for the past 6 days, to ensure the many arrivals and departures in the holiday villas, are looked after fully and happily.

Today, has been a typical Monday morning with many small problems, questions and worries which come with people staying in a hot country. The weather is incredibly hot and guests are loving this but have had quite a shock at just how hot it is and how relentless the heat is.

Having worked yesterday, welcoming holiday guests, this mornings alarm call wasn’t as much of a shock as it would have been, had today been the first day back – but it was still a little difficult hauling my post holiday ”plumpness” out of bed!

So, I used a trick I learned many years ago when working for a very motivational man and a team of incredible people: I got showered; dressed like a lady I worked with whose disciplines always inspired me. Put on a necklace which was gifted to me by a very precious friend who was battling cancer – then wore my very bright, fun ”cuff” which is Mediaeval in style but more in keeping with evening wear ! I wore this piece of jewelry because the person who gifted it to me, never lets anything get her down; Is full of fun and mischief and who reminds me not to take myself seriously!

So Ive been up, happily working and full of the joys of summertime, without holiday blues in sight! I think the sun has got to my brain: I’ve just reached for the charger to put some power into my phone battery – and tried to charge an apple instead Obviously need to find an inspirational guide whose brain works 24/7 despite the heat!

If you’d like to come here for a holiday and be inspired by the beauty of Cyprus, email to me on and I’ll share some offers and ideas with you that could motivate you to book for Autumn 2019 or Summer 2020!