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11th September 2014

Innocents abroad.

As our beloved fairy god daughter and her handsome beau, who shall remain nameless (but please check out our Cyprus villas UK facebook page for photos!), have gone home, I feel I can share a few ‘things” with you. There were going to be ‘Jackisms’ but T has outdone herself and has to be included.

So, we’re on our way to a restaurant with this beautiful couple in the back of the car and we are talking about the man who is married to Penny Lancaster and is a great singer – and how Ts mum loves to sing along to her. “She would”, says J, “She’s always loved a bit of Rod”….

And we’re heading OUT to dinner one evening and we get to the garden gate and J says, “I’ve peaked to early”……… (he was already tiddly which is what he meant but hey ho!).

then, to add to this, we were in a local tavern in our village, where a 30 year old photo of the owner and his younger , moustached brother hangs, and T says, “Oh . What a lovely photo of (the tavern owner ) and his wife!” . Luckily, no-one heard….

The rest of the Jackisms will be published in a book, available in a store near you – and far away from us, soon – but email to me on and Ill tell all!

The photo below may bear an uncanny resemblance to the lovely young man in question and his gorgeous girl but names will not be revealed here to protect their ‘innocence’ LOL!T & J night ours jack at ours