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10th April 2011

Infinity and behind……?

At around 3.30 am this morning, Tony woke up with a start; sat up quickly, jumped out of bed and ran, naked down the stairs and out of the house! Worried that he was dreaming and sleep running, I went out to the balcony to see where he was and had to laugh: he’d put the hosepipe in our pool before going to bed and, as is the way, had forgotten about it till the reminder entered his sleeping brain and woke him!

Just at the point when the water would have flowed over the edge of the pool and onto the patio and beyond, Tonys (very white!) naked bottom could be seen mooning merrily in the air as Tony battled with the ground mounted tap , to turn off the water in time.

I couldn’t help but laugh. The dogs didn’t stir, other than Jake looked up, smirked and groaned . I swear even the lizards and Charlies cat gang just stilled and watched the fleshy carrying ons…..

Whether fuelled by Susie Fs VERY large GnTs which I’d enjoyed earlier or whether the scene simply tickled me, I’ve not been able to stop giggling all day ! Hope night owls don’t have binoculars!

Category: Cyprus Villas News