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1st January 2010

Indiana Charlie!

Its so lovely how many emails I’ve been getting asking how Charlie Cat is. People are very kind!

The great news is that he is totally back on form: this morning he came in through our bedroom window then started to beat up Molly Mou. She “cuffed his paddle” so he swaggered off to find someone else to annoy. Sunbathing on the back wall was the new “King Edward” Lizards (affectionately known as “Eddie Izzard”. I’ve laughed as Charlie has chased him across the back wall then the clever lizard has hidden under the trellis which is up the wall – and Charlies paws are too big to get him!

Last night, we couldn’t park the car back in the drive – because Charlie was holding court with Gussy Cat, Black thing and Funny looking thing: I swear to you Charlie was show off, telling them how he’d survived the snake and sharing with them, his plans for revenge. They look fascinated and Charlie looked at us with a “told you so – I am the greatest” look on his feline face!

Jake and Alfie aren’t having any of his high handedness: Jake has stolen Charlies tuna breakfast and Alfie has refused to let Charlie do his normal “slide down Alfies face” game. Think this pussy cat will be brought down a paw or two by his brothers if he continues his show off ways!

Personally, he can do what he likes: am so thrilled he is here to annoy us!

Category: Cyprus Villas News