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4th October 2016

Indian Names

I was looking at MollyMou this morning and noticed how white her beautiful little face is going. It crossed my mind that, should she have an Indian name, it would be “Dog with white chins”.

Made me smile remembering other names we’ve had fun with over the years, including, “”Sue Chewing Wasps”, which was an affectionate (!) name for a very grumpy lady we used to know (who interestingly, wasn’t called Sue!), or “Man with whole in cheek”, which is the name a friend of ours currently has following a horrible problem with a boil on his face.

Mine might be, “Teller of Tall Tales” and Tony”s, “Man made of boat”.

Think will start a competition with friends to see who can come up with the best one from now on!

Wonder how many, “”Dreaming of renting a Cyprus villa””, we’ll have? If you are one of them, email to me on

photo molly chilling