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1st January 2010

indian names

I was sharing a few glasses of vino with Susie F and The Great Raymondodoulou yesterday and we were giggling about their names. TGR decided that Susie should be renamed ‘two sheets to the wind’. This was made even more funny coz of our wine consumption of course
This morning I woke up and began to think of indian names for all of us. Tony would have to be ‘one long chatter’; TGR, ‘eagle easy going’ and me , ‘too few holidays’………(these are the clean versions – your suggestions are very welcome!

I was telling Susie F and TGR that we used to live near a lady we called ‘sarah chewing wasps’ coz she never smiled or seemed happy. Isn’t that cruel of us/me?

Maybe I should be renamed, ‘one long snake tongue’ but that would make me cry !

That said, I’ve been called a whole lot worse!

Category: Cyprus Villas News