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1st January 2010

In the pink and seeing red!

“We” chose some paint yesterday for our bedroom. I have in mind a very “indian” feel: all warm, true colours and sparkly bedding and cushions, so we came back armed with Autumn Red and Burgundy….

Tony painted part of the room burgundy, yesterday – and it looked fabulous. The Autumn Red task was today – and Tony began with gusto, both of us excited by the thought of the room being finished and looking wonderful.

Only Autumn Red turned out to be more like “trashy pink” – and is awful! The first wall painted, Tony called me in to look and offer my opinion but only after he shouted a lot at my choice of colour and told me how awful he thought it was: a feeling I shared with him………..but I’m stubborn and was quite enjoying watching him paint, so I asked him to continue for a while and see if we both got used to it – but made the mistake of laughing as I left the room….

The “pink” is now going back -and I’m under instruction to buy a cream or beige, “safe” colour to compliment the burgundy.

So, I’m off to the paint shop in Coral Bay to choose a second colour – and I’m still intent on “warm/deep colours” but could be in big trouble when I return!

I feel a “gold” coming on, with metallic feel and textured finish………..Tony will be delighted !


Category: Cyprus Villas News