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1st January 2010

In the dog house again!

Oh dear! I’m in big trouble with Tony again – and if I can stop laughing long enough, I’ll try to explain why…….

It all starts 7 years ago when we first moved here and I was finally able to buy 3 of the stone “ugly” people who I’ve coverted for years but couldn’t put in my case to take back to UK coz they were too heavy

Living here, meant I could buy them and have them in our home. I was thrilled!

There are 3 in the set: Mummy, who is very scary and her son and daughter. They are stone, hair and wash leather: you need to see them! Anyway, they’ve lived happily in the kitchen for years until I came home from work and found Jake “playing” with the son and throwing him across the kitchen. Suffice to say, the son broke into a few pieces….

Tonight, I bought superglue and set about putting ugly son back together : both of his legs have come off as have his hands. I was able to put the body back onto the legs and left him to set. On the kitchen work surface, in the kitchen.

Have just checked Ugly Son and the good news is, his left leg is now stuck back on his body. His right leg is also stuck – on the granite work surface. And it wont come off…..

When I picked it up, I laughed – till I realised that the other leg was stuck. Sadly, I laughed – and Tony didn’t…….

Am now going to try to get the leg off: if I can stop laughing long enough, I’ll ring someone to find a way to get superglue off, I’ll be sorted!

Category: Cyprus Villas News