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1st January 2010

In safe hands.?

So, we’re off tomorrow on our hols and today is about ensuring everything is up to date…I’m sorting out emails and arrivals and Tony is in the office .
Today is a bank holiday so the office is closed though we’ve a few bits to do, which is why Tony is there. Yesterday, there was a major storm and our office got hit by electricity, taking out phone and internet. Everything is diverted to our home, which will be no good tomorrow when we aren’t there…..I rang Tony on his mobile and asked him to check if the phone line was back on. At this point, Robin walked in the office and Tony said , “I’ll try to ring Robins phone – Rob, whats your number?….” Rob gave it to Tony, Tony rang it and no-one could hear anything. “Rob, ” Tony asked, “Can you hear the phone? Is the line working?”. “I don’t know”, replied Robin, “Its out in my truck at the end of the street”…….
….and Robin is one of our senior members of the team~!