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6th April 2014

In praise of Geordies…

I was explaining to a friend of Christinas, who we met at the hotel last night and who works with a wonderful Geordie lady, that she isn’t Scottish, as he thought

A Cypriot himself, he finds this lady’s very broad singsong accent, very difficult to follow – and he was surprised that I too, am a Geordie: I explained that, over the years (and living in particular fear of my Mum who makes Julie Andrews sound common!), I’ve had to ‘refine’ my vowels, not least for the work I did in sales training for radio stations but also for all communication with the public. Anyway, I’m rambling , as I do: I explained to him that there is a feud between Geordies and Scots: we say we are Scottish with Brains and that the Scots are Geordies without them (living as we do, so close to one another). I meant it lightheartedly and don’t believe it except this morning, while out walking with Tony, Barney T Rubble (now 24 kilos) and Molly mou (5 kilos) , we bumped into a very sweet Scotsman who lives in our village. He asked us, “Are you out walking the dogs?”… I bit my sarcastic tongue – but think there may be something in the feudal phrases after all!

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