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8th April 2013

In it for the Money!

What a funny day we had yesterday. Funny as in ‘ha ha’ not strange – though there were some strange sites walking around the Coral Bay and Peyia streets! The heatwave has hit us and tourists and locals alike, seem to be going for the ‘least we can wear ‘ look. (When shopping in the supermarket, its enough to put you off your kiwi fruit, let me tell you!)…..

Anyway, all the arrivals and departures to holiday villas were safe and sound. The guests who were leaving, left reluctantly and those arriving, came with beaming smiles and swimwear to the ready! Give them a day and they’ll be shopping in their bikinis

We spent a few hours in Latchi, with Mike and The Terrorists, having late lunch and people watching. Tom, aged 8, challenged Tony to a sponsored silence – for 2.50 euros ! Embarrassingly, my husband took his nephew up on this and, in the stubborn way in which only a Bell male can handle these things, kept up the silence for just under 2 hours when the chance to say ‘yes’ out loud, to get an ice cream, was just to much for Tom and he had to speak!

Did Tony take his money? Of COURSE he did! its a man thing………….