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1st January 2010

“In charge” of interior design?

I think we have a problem at home with our furry family in our villa in Peyia. Alfie is in “big charge” and always has been. Molly, “little charge”, Charlie, “on hill patrol” and Jake was recently promoted to being “In charge of the Thinking Step”….

Seems this isn’t enough for Jake. I’ve just got home and sat down to admire our beautiful newly decorated downstairs, with all the furnishings and new paintings back in place – and Jake has made a huge point of pulling out three back copies of Country Living from the mag rack, finding a page he liked in each copy, opening the mags and throwing them in front of me!

He either hates what we’ve done – or wants to choose the colours for his own room, which is next on the agenda.

(is there a TV possibility here: eg “Doggy Designs”…..though it sounds a little rude to me!)

Category: Cyprus Villas News