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4th September 2014

In a class of their own!

September has dawned with the promise of kinder heat (thank goodness – now in the 30s) and time for new beginnings. I’ve joined a ‘yoga/pilates’ class which I’m loving (though I don’t like the ‘fat kid’ who wears the same clothing as me and who follows my every move in the mirror!). Emma is going to go back on her diet and I going to stop drinking a nightly GnT  -not! But you cannot have everything!

Marlene and Denise, two gorgeous ladies who work with us too, are joining Salsa class – sort of. We bumped into them last night, on their way to Salsa, which starts at 9pm. They were in The Mill wine bar in Peyia, at 9.15pm and seemed to have ‘lost their way’ to Coral Bay so didn’t quite make the first lesson.

Still , slowly slowly as they Cypriots say. Obviously this dance move is in the planning stages!

When you come to stay in our lovely villas and apartments, you can join in the Salsa classes at Decades nightclub or enjoy yoga/pilates at Peyia Performing Arts Centre: one off classes or two during the fortnights holiday, are welcome! Email to me on and I’ll step out with great offers for you!