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26th August 2016

An important fact about Cyprus!

Did you know, that Cyprus would be the best place for monkeys to come and have a holiday? No, me neither until I was discussing this with our great nephew, Max, who, aged 3, has a very interesting view of the world.

We were driving to Susie Floozy’s house, where we were looking after the cats while she was away and we had to drive through many of the banana fields in the area. Max wanted to know why monkeys weren’t living in the banana trees and if the King of the Monkeys knew that there were so many bananas here to be eaten.

He also wanted to know why the moon was still in the sky so I told him we were driving upside down and were really in the Banana Republic of Australia – and he agreed!

The cats we fed, became tigers within 2 seconds of us getting to Sue’s house – and more bananas were found, so it was a very busy hour!

Come to Cyprus and discover many known and new facts about this beautiful island. You’d be bananas not to! For family villas to rent with clean pools, email to Bookings being taken for 2017!

(Photo is of some of our family and the ‘guardian’ of the gang, Barney T Rubble).

photo family

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