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9th December 2015

Imagination? Good or bad?….

It’s a standing joke with my close family and friends, that I’m ‘strange’ and have a weird imagination. I prefer to think that I’m , ‘creative’ – though I do see their point sometimes! Let me highlight this with a very recent scenario:

During the night, for the past 7 days, at 1.38am exactly, a very strange, loud noise has woken Tony, the dogs, our guests and I , up from sleep. The noise seems to emanate around the hillside, wrapping our house with ‘something weird’.

The noise is so strong and the vibration so high, it sets Barney T Rubble off singing – and as the noise goes on then off again before starting up for the second time, the combination of the disturbance and the doggy song, wakes us up fully.

I ‘checked’ the hillside once during these nights and ‘saw a flock of geese’, obviously lost and clearing keeping each other ‘right’. Another time, I believed the Aliens were calling their people home and the noise was to collect them. ……. Then, as we’re on an earthquake pad, I believed the Municipality had put a ‘sensor’ on the hill, to check the ‘movement’ on the hillside itself, so that we were prepared for any big movement…. Tony believed it was a sensor to wake up the chickens and make them lay more eggs so my thoughts then went to the turkey farm and the sad thought of this noise being one to encourage them to somehow get more ‘meaty’……so , as you can see, its driven us crazy and put Barney and I into overdrive…

Then Tony remembered he’d put his old iPhone in a drawer in the kitchen – and when he checked it, the alarm was set for 1.38am……

The Peyia hills are very interesting: why  not come and let your own imagination run wild here? For holiday villas with pools – and to meet the creative lunatics who live here, email to

ps Barney is now sleeping through the night but I’m not convinced that I didn’t REALLY see the geese………………

photo barney hot