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1st January 2010


In my hormonal surge, I’ve been cleaning and polishing the dogs eating and drinking bowls, well, every time I walk past them (Sue will be proud of me). Trouble is, Molly Mous bowl is so shiny, when she went to eat her breakfast this morning, a cheeky little dog also tried to eat the same breakfast and gave Molly the fright of her life!

Molly jumped back from the bowl, then approached it cautiously – and there she was again! A cheeky doggy face, the image of Mollys, trying to eat Mollys breakfast and copying her every move! I’ve left “them” fighting in the kitchen and its going to be very amusing to see who “wins” – or whether Jake just steps in and takes over the breakfast!

Molls must be wondering where these new animals are coming from: there is another just as cheeky faced little dog who lives in our mirror on the wall outside – and this little thing is ALWAYS following Molly and copying her moves. Part of Mollys daily routine is to “get” this one…..

Looks like little MollyMou has a lot of work to do today, keeping “the others” at bay!