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1st January 2010

I’m just wild about Harry……….

Its the truth: I’m in LURVE! He is gorgeous: big hazel brown eyes; blond curls; cheeky smile; his own teeth (well some teeth); chunky biteable bum and a very dirty laugh!

At 11 months, I’m going to have to hang around a bit and wait for him to grow but will, I hope, get the chance to steal a few kisses and cuddles whenever he is on the island! His name is Harry Astil and he is totally fab! I owe his lovely Mum and Dad a big thank you for bringing him in to me- meeting him was the highlight of my week!

Helen, his Mum, told me he likes the girls. I gathered that when I was saying to him, “So many women, so little time” and he said, “mmmmmmmmm”!…….. they certainly start young!

After meeting Harry, doing a few arrivals and taking the blame for the shape of the universe, I made a complete fool of myself and spoke in (my) fluent Cypriot to the builder, who was returning a key- only to discover the bronzed, tubby dark haired man was from Hackney and didn’t have a clue what I was saying!…………

Apparently, Tony has felt this way for years!

Category: Cyprus Villas News