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1st January 2010

I’ll sing you to me…..

Happy New Year! Here’s to 2010 bringing peace, health and contentment to as many people as possible, worldwide…..

We’ve just watched the most wonderful movie: Australia. Now I’ve dried my tears, I just wanted to note how lovely the story was and how it got me thinking about Cyprus and how many cultures now live together on this relatively small island. In population terms, Cyprus doesn’t have as many people living here as the city of Leeds! Quite an eye opener when you look at it from that numeric perpective but the population is made up of so many different people.

Today, we’ve walked the dogs and met with neighbours who are Cypriot, English, Welsh, American, Scandinavian, from Philippines, India and Russian! Its a very interesting mix of tastes, cultures and traditions.

Without spoiling the movie for you, the story shows part of the aboriginal culture and the total disregard the so called “whites” had for anyone who isn’t white. The magic in the story comes from the magic in the ways of the Aboriginals and their belief that every person and thing “has a story”. These beautiful people, full of soul, “sang” to the cattle and to one another – or just to the land, to keep stories alive and people close to them, whatever the physical distance. I cannot find the words to describe it: you’ll just need to watch for yourself!

Cyprus has many stories and more being created today by the people who were born and live here; holiday on this lovely island or those, like us, who choose to come here, bringing so many life chapters to the island and adding more colour as the days and years go by.

Today, at the start of the New Year, I’ve been thinking a lot about our family who live in UK and beyond and missing being able just to call on them – so I’m going to “sing them to me” and will believe that the thoughts and “music” carry to them now and touch their hearts with our love and wishes .

Every day is a new beginning and this new year opens up infinite possibilities for better times, more kindness and friendship. Here’s to making great songs to share in the months ahead!

Chronia Pola! Happy New Year !

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