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1st January 2010

If villas could speak …..

I’ve realised that the villas in Coral Bay and Peyia have “real personalities”: if they could talk, it would be easy to identify their “type” but, as they cannot, I’ve had a wonderful day trying to work out which is who, so to speak!

There are:

– grumpy old men, whose edges are fraying and who look a little light on top where their roofing has taken a few rough seasons – but we don’t look after any of these

– there are “children”: those small places which have just been finished and haven’t quite found their personality yet eg no gardens or “corners” – and again, we don’t represent any of these either

– we have some “teenagers”: trendy, lively and fun places which gather together and enjoy the same things, often standing in areas where the “older villas” look over them but give them space to be themselves

– then there are the “mature set”: villas who’ve lived/learned/been revamped and are totally comfortable and welcoming; in fact, no surprise villas – quite lovely!

– course, we’ve also got a couple of cantankorous old people villas too: they are always “complaining”, needing water works fixed or bits “checked on/tampered with”. They are places which complain when touched and always need a little extra aircon and heating………but they cheer up when they have visitors, at which point they behave beautifully.

In fact, we’ve quite a lovely villa family!!

A friend of ours has argumentative floorboards! Honestly! You get up in the middle of the night to creep quietly to the loo and the floorboards have to have their say. No matter which way you step or how careful you are, they shout back at you, “What are you doing up at this hour?/get off me, I’m tired/or watch where you are going”……they are quite hilarious. If I were more awake when I was the one doing the loo creeping, I’d be inclined to have a good old row with these boards!

Anyway,it’s very cold again here today and our own home is saying, “stop wasting time typing and get some heating on in here!” (or is that the animals?!)

Category: Cyprus Villas News