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1st January 2010

If the hills could talk……….

There are so many theories about what is life and what isn’t, which objects/animals are sensitive and which aren’t and yet, late last night on our hilside in Peyia village, it seems that every living thing around us was either whispering or “doing its thing”….

At midnight, the air was still; the chiminea was burning and Therese (our gorgeous 18 year old god daughter), her friend Catherine and I were sat around the warmth, each lost in reflection and all as still as the night. The dogs slept – and Molly didn’t even snore, such was her respect for the moment we were in. Charlie cat was in his bed, so the time came for the lizards, spiders and creatures to leave their hiding places and play happily on what is their natural land.

Three very large and handsome snails, meandered along our path; spiders weaved their webs in the shrubs in the garden and the lizards raced back and forward under twigs and bushes………….In the distance on the hill, there was rustling and breathing – and we didn’t want to know who was responsible for that.

Everything was still, gentle and peaceful, almost comforting in the starlight …….

Suddenly, two very large carob rats appeared on top of the gate, seeking out the warmth of our fire and almost frightened us to death! Knowing that, if these cute BIG critters are there, chances are the snakes aren’t, didn’t help a bit! The girls jumped, which made me jump but, being the “supposed” grown up, I stayed calm but ushered us all to bed………

Just maybe the hill was saying, “Go on, sleep well and let us play – we’re happy to share our world with you but night time is ours…….”

Suns up now – and so are we – and, other than Jake terrorising Alfie; Molly wanting the girls to tickle her tummy and Charlie keeping watch on the hill, there isn’t a creature is sight!

Till later………

Category: Cyprus Villas News