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1st January 2010

If Jake won’t go to the Peyia mountain gang, then they just have to come to him!

It is a totally gorgeous Sunday here in Peyia, Coral Bay. The sun is shining, the village peaceful and all is well with the guests – well, it was until about 10 minutes ago when all hassle broke out!……

Yesterday, Jake escaped to join a gang of hunting dogs who were walking the Peyia hills with their master. Today, they were back again but we were sensible enough to take extra precautions eg locking the gate this time! And bolting the side gate in the fence – and keeping jake upstairs with Alfie and Molly until we were both up and coherent enough to watch him.

Did that stop anything? Course not! The barking started (the hunting dogs, not ours); Alfie and Molly managed to open the front door and run to the pool area in the garden of our villa – but Jake was locked upstairs on the outside balcony: thank goodness!

The hunting dogs realised their big furry friend wasn’t able to join them – so they came to us: three of them. They shot up the hill, closely followed by one of their masters and ran straight up to the gate where Molly and Alfie were waiting at the other side!

Surprisingly, these hunting dogs were lovely: friendly (straight to nose nuzzling/no tongues and thankfully, no bottom sniffing because Alf and Molly were behind the gate!). I didn’t dare let Jake downstairs in case he jumped the gate to join the gang.

Jake was furious! He tried to jump down from the (50ft high) balcony to get to his pals – and I’m sure Alfie actually gave Jake “the paw” as if to say, “We are here and you are not!”

The huntings dogs were collected by their very apologetic master – and peace was restored……in a fashion.

Jake, Alfie and Molly are now tormenting each other, with Jake getting very annoyed that Alfie has nuzzled Jack, the cream German Shepherd leading the gang of runaways.

We’re about to take them for a walk – or rather they will take us because they watched very carefully, the direction in which their gang of furry friends disappeared. So todays walking route, is down to the dogs – which is where the days peace seems to have gone!

Category: Cyprus Villas News