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1st January 2010

If God asks the question…

Its been a bit of a frustrating day and I’ve been thinking, if God asks the question, what would make like easier, I’ll reply:
– being a man
– having non responsibility pets ie ones which will disappear temporarily so you can do the things you need to do without worrying sick about their wellbeing
– having traffic light pain colours on our bodies, so we know what is REALLY hurting and what isn’t – and when someone is just grumbling
– body zips, like Operation Man, so we can pull the bad bits out and put the new bits in
– sense of humour top up tablets – like @play as you go, sort of thing – for the frustrating days when this button is overloaded and has run out of batteries…………

or maybe I’ll just say, no, all is well but no wonder I drink!! Thank you for inventing Gin!

Category: Cyprus Villas News