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1st January 2010

I really don’t need a Wii…….

Tony and I have succombed to the trend to have an inhouse fitness thingumyjiggy, which we’ve been playing on for the last few hours while the storm is overhead.

So far, I’ve stuffed Tony at bowling, been outdone in golf and we were more or less even with baseball, though Jake did try to “comfort” me as I hit the ball as I was making sounds that worried him – and me!

We’ve just tried the fitness thing. Ours is obviously wrong – or I’m about 2 feet too short! My BMI is out , or maybe I’m older than I realised plus I’m the right weight for the wrong age and height. Very worrying.

As a traditionally built, hard working holiday villa executive, I pride myself on quick reactions (okay, by telephone), sense of humour (which I’ve just learned, doesn’t count at fitness) and capacity to work 7 months, 18 hour days , 7 days a week, without falling over – but it seems all I’ve done is age myself, lost fitness and got fat!

so, I either never use this infernal fitness machine again and stick to bowling OR I get fit, eat less, don’t drink and feel better about the onscreen result……

Mmmmmm- wonder which course of action I should take – NOT!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News