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1st January 2010

I promised not to tell BUT…..

Oh, how I’ve laughed today! Why? Well, I shouldn’t tell you but I HAVE to!

Firstly, my very posh and totally elegant friend Twosheds, has been researching the right and wrong way to look after ones investments and decided to go for ‘freezing assets’ – by, erm, falling headlong into the peas and oven chips in the freezer in the village shop! Not even the venison and salmon section: she chose the everyday ‘stuff’ which we all buy but pretend not to. Thankfully, she wasn’t hurt – but there is a family of garden peas seeking out a ‘No win, no claim” vegetable representation to cover their bruisings!

A man who didn’t cover his ‘bruisings’ but rather left the ‘covers ‘ around his ankles whilst he did his morning, erm, ‘duties’, was our lovely friend C (cannot be named for legal reasons)…. while he was undertaking the daily ‘outings’, his new puppy came into the small room and promptly climbed into the ankle biting ‘covers’ and fell asleep…….

‘What did you do?” I asked innocently………’Finished reading Farmers Weekly of course”……….was the practical reply!

Tee hee!

And a very happy 5th birthday to Alfie Williams xxxxxxxxxxxx
and many cuddles to Steve, Janet and Rod, who are all sad for very real reasons today.

Category: Cyprus Villas News