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9th June 2012

I heard that! Pardon?


Its only 8.30 am and already the medicine cabinet in our home has been raided umteen times for the various ailments of dogs and humans. Only the cats seem healthy at the moment!

I’m not complaining: my morning started so well with a huge big Monster Pup, who is having a VERY GOOD MORNING, singing into my ear to wake me up. Rather like having a huge slavering bear stick his face onto yours and then howl.Its a heartwarming noise – but it was sung at such close proximity, I’ve now got a headache!

Alfie has an ear infection, so slept through the chorus but has woken enough to play chase with me as I try to catch him to put in his ear drops and bathe his open wound. Jake has now had his epilepsy tablets and is calming down while Molly is out on her duties in the garden, checking all is in order before she comes in for breakfast

Tony left early. He always does. Seems a very sensible way to avoid nursing and feeding duties – though he did ask me to wash the shirt he’s decided to wear for the wedding – today at 4pm!

Category: Cyprus Villas News