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5th June 2014

I hear you!

Wow! The winds yesterday and today , have been wonderful! Warm, strong, swirling and totally magnificent – and still the sun has shone!

I feel a little guilty enjoying this interesting weather while we have holiday guests here who really want to chill and enjoy pure sunshine – but I know many of them are secretly enjoying the experience AND they are getting great suntans in the up to 30 degree heat !

Yesterday, Tony had to go into hospital in Limassol to have a small operation. It seemed that the skies were ‘crying’ for him as the dark clouds gathered over the mountains and the sea got ‘fractious’ , annoying the shore with constant battering. We drove to the hospital along the motorway which runs Paphos to Nicosia and were both marvelling at the colours – and how it could be so very hot yet it seemed like we were in a storm. Luckily, all was calm in surgery and Tony has come through in one peace and simply needs some rest now.

The winds, however, are not resting at all. The clouds are still prevalent and the sahara dust is everywhere: we’ve had one huge challenge with pools and keeping outdoor furniture clean today but we’ve survived, working away with the whistling winds around us!

Even Molly Mou struggled in the onslaught, as you’ll see from the photo below. Her little ears were filled with breeze and she looked like a Mogwai! (Don’t worry though: she wasn’t blown over – that’s just me not being able to rotate a photo!LOL)

Anyway, if you’d like to shout above the heavy winds and tell me which villa you’d like to book, please email to me on and I’ll be listening out for you!

molly the mog