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1st January 2010


John and Tallulah bucket arrive tomorrow, so I’ve been busy since I got in from work, cleaning/making beds and generally getting straight after friends left our home on Sunday night.

Hurrying to bring the pile of towels in off our washing line, I didn’t see a very, very large lizard who was asleep in the cosy group of towels – till I put the towels down in the kitchen and the lizard ran off down my leg and across the kitchen to hide behind a vase.

That would have been okay but Molly and Jake were in hot pursuit and, using a cunning bit of team work, managed to push the vase out of the way, revealing a very scared (and very large lizard) who tried to run but did so straight into jakes open mouth!

Molly was horrified and tried to bite jakes ankles to get him to drop the lizard (and give it to her). I was mortified and tried to catch Jake as he sped out of the house towards the pool, with the lizard hanging from his mouth……..

All too late.

Jake has had his scaly treat. Molly is in the huff and I feel like a murderer: bringing a sleeping creature in to my home to wake him up and feed him to a big monster puppy.

This lizard has lived out the back of our home for a while now and comes to stare at me in the mornings when I’m doing my washing before work. Tomorrow, I’ll probably have to face all of his relatives who’ll be looking for him and for the food he no doubt steals for them, to help them grow……..

Nothing can make me feel better tonight – but at least I’ve got the morning to start again, which is more than can be said for my little chunky, funny lizard friend

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