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19th January 2019

I am my Nanna!

Oh dear. I am definitely morphing into becoming my late Nanna.

She was completely wonderful: the party girl who always got on stage to dance and sing; who dressed up and made people smile – but they are the bits I’m becoming! It’s much more of a basic transition.

Let me explain: say the words, “Are you ready” or, “we’re going” to me – and I’ve immediately got to go to the loo, even though I’ve been 8 times before in the past hour!

Watch me look for my glasses, turning everything upside down in the house only to find they are on my head! And anyone walking near the house or into our office has to have a cup of tea, just to make them feel better!

Worse, I’m wandering the hill in my slippers, feeding the stray cats and not caring who sees me – and Tony has just found a tea towel and the olive oil, in the fridge! I’m doomed. Of course, another Nanna trait was a glass of sherry or 3 on a quiet afternoon, while she sat worrying about the world! Now that bit I can do but it’s 2019 so the sherry has morphed into Gin!

Very proud to be my Nanna’s eldest granddaughter but a little worried for Tony!

Don’t worry though: even Nannas in training can answer questions about holiday villas and take bookings so drop me an email to And, if I remember who I am, I’ll respond immediately!

Now where are my glasses?…..