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1st January 2010

Hunting, shooting, fishing……..all in a Jakes work!

Jake starts charm school tomorrow. Chris, the dog trainer told us that Jakes breed was raised to hunt bears – which explains the constant supply of my teddy bears who find themselves attacked by Jake, taken outside to be thrown about a bit, then discarded in the (ever growing) pile next to the pool.

Yesterday, during the mornings “shooting” going on up the hill, (sadly its that time of year here), Jake spent his time stood on his back paws at the balcony by the pool, watching the men make their way up the hill carrying their guns. Quite a few of them looked very shocked to see a huge 5 foot 4 inch furry monster staring at them from our poolside, I can tell you!

Alfie has been assisting Jake – and yesterday, took some of Jakes (own) toys and put them in the pool, then delighted in trying to push Jake in while he tried to retrieve them…… It really was a “busy boys day” here in Peyia!

We’re hoping charm school doesn’t take away too much of Jakes natural playful character – but if Chris can teach Jake the difference between a cushion and a teddy bear, I’ll be happy! And our sofas will remain intact too!

Am off to see some villa holiday guests and wish one of them happy birthday. Wonder if I should take the dogs with me?……could be fun!

Category: Cyprus Villas News