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1st January 2010

huntin’, shoutin’ finishin’

At around 6am this morning, Jake and Alfie went crazy, barking and shouting at something. (Molly was fast asleep on our bed!). Next, the pair ran down stairs and we heard the front door open, then more shouting – and a new cry, which didn’t belong to either of our dogs…..

We ran downstairs to see a black hunting dog jumping back over the wall out of the garden but a brindle coloured hunting dog wasn’t quick enough and Alfie had him pinned against the wall and was shouting at him and threatening him

Jake thought this was great fun! He was bouncing about “saying” to his new friend, “play with me, play with me”……

Tony grabbed Alfie and I tried to grab Jake. The poor little brindle dog was terrified and was trying to make itself invisible against the wall…..I eventually caught Jake and put him on the lead – and the little dog ran to the pool, where it tried to drink and get one of jakes toys out of the pool.

Once our team were safely inside, the brindle took to the hills and peace resumed………

but I couldn’t get back to sleep so at least I’ve done my washing….

ps Am thinking of doing “rent a dog for holiday walks” to our villa guests: what do you think?! My first thought was “have a dog for sleepover” but Tony says that market is already flooded in some of the holiday resorts…….

pps: had a queue of girls screaming outside our home all day: apparently Tony was spotted running naked around the garden and hillside this morning, trying to help me get the dogs in!……(well, thats Tonys version anyway!)

Category: Cyprus Villas News