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1st January 2010

Huntin’, shootin’, escapin’………..

Today is the first day of November and the first day for the 5 month hunting season in Cyprus. Without commenting on the activities (don’t get me started!), the sound of early morning distant shots always signifies the end of summer and the start of the kinder weather months ie today, its a warm 26 degrees!

This morning, we were woken not only by the distant shots but also the frantic barking of Molly and quizzical look of Alfie – but no Jake. Looking out of the window onto the hill, there he was in his 66 kilo magnificence, trotting happily up the hill towards the hunters and their ferocious packs of dogs……….

There wasn’t much time. Jake looks very scary and is HUGE! The hunters don’t normally stop to say “hello”: they’ll shoot first then sort it out later (from birds, to cats to rabbits). I was very concerned that Jake was about to become a statistic – but no. All he wanted was to run along side then and the smaller dogs didn’t seem to care too much about this hairy monster in their midst. The hunters would probably have liked to keep him but he likes to eat and they don’t like to feed their dogs, so that (thankfully) was a none starter.

He’s home now, enjoying breakfast with a lot of biscuits and tuna, followed by a small slice of toast with Alfie and Molly. Alfie has to have his arthritis medicine on toast and Jake /Molly have to have whatever Alfie is having. Only fair!

Morning exercise over, I’m back off to bed before the check outs in Peyia and Coral Bay and checkins to villas in Coral Bay, begin later…..

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